What is this?

I first discovered The Hobbit as a child. It introduced me to a world where warriors fought and fell to restore the honor of their families. I learned to never be honest with a dragon. I discovered that the best riddles have answers you may not want to know. But more than anything, it taught me that companions can make or break our best laid plans.

When I entered the world on my own, I didn’t have a magic ring but the magic of Tolkien was still there. It was the magic that turned colleagues into friends and friends into companions.

When I introduced the Lord of the Rings movies to my kids, between the sword play and epic battle between good and evil, we focused on three key lessons that we all need:

First, we always keep our word.

Second, we always help our friends.

Third, we always fight the orcs.

I believe celebrating and sharing the works and lessons of a great man satisfy all three.