Past Event: July 2021

US EasternBSTCESTSpeakerTopic
10:0015:0016:00Danger CaseyOpening/Welcome
10:0515:0516:05Solving Gollum’s Riddles: An Ode to Tolkien and Old EnglishMadeleine Rose Jones
10:2015:2016:20Kiran SaulnierMapping Middle-earth
10:4015:4016:40Tolkien is Timeless, Tinseltown is TriteCarl Gaebler
11:0016:0017:00The Ring of Power – Absolute Power and Absolute CorruptionMichael Warren
11:2016:2017:20Medieval Metaphysics in the Lord of the RingsLaura Cottrell
11:4016:4017:40The Good News of the Return of the KingMichael Jahosky
12:0017:0018:00Danger CaseyClosing/Thank You’s