When J.R.R. Tolkien created Middle-earth, he filled it with characters, themes, and dangers that leapt from the pages to intrigue, excite, and give hope to his readers. In these sessions, we’ll explore these concepts to celebrate all that makes his works stand the test of time and what we should take from them today.

Topics are 15 minutes each and may include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of characters, situations, and linguistics in the books
  • Military doctrine and tactics portrayed in the books or movies
  • Themes, lessons, and allegories drawn from or used by Tolkien
  • Works influenced by Tolkien’s writing
  • Works which influenced Tolkien’s writing
  • Middle-earth history

Topics should not include:

  • Concepts not included in Tolkien’s writing
  • The Black Speech of Mordor
  • General foolishness

To submit a session, please take a moment to fill out this submission form.

Note: Due to the likelihood of children attending, please keep topics and language PG rated or better.

Saturday October 16th 2021

US EasternBSTCESTSpeakerTopic
10:0015:0016:00Danger CaseyOpening/Welcome
10:0515:0516:05Terena BellWhat’s a Hobbit?
A look at Tolkien’s Storytelling Techniques
10:2015:2016:20Juliet SneedFantasy: From Classic to Modern
10:4015:4016:40Kiran SaulnierMapping Middle-earth, Part 2
11:0016:0017:00James PinedoTolkien the Sub-Creator: Morgoth and the Power of Metaphor
11:2016:2017:20Kevin WilliamsFinding God in the Second Age of Middle-earth
11:4016:4017:40Danger CaseyClosing/Thank You’s

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Past Events

Saturday July 3rd 2021

US EasternBSTCESTSpeakerTopic
10:0015:0016:00Danger CaseyOpening/Welcome
10:0515:0516:05Madeleine Rose JonesSolving Gollum’s Riddles: An Ode to Tolkien and Old English
10:2015:2016:20Kiran SaulnierMapping Middle-earth
10:4015:4016:40Carl GaeblerTolkien is Timeless, Tinseltown is Trite
11:0016:0017:00Michael WarrenThe Ring of Power – Absolute Power and Absolute Corruption
11:2016:2017:20Laura CottrellMedieval Metaphysics in the Lord of the Rings
11:4016:4017:40Michael JahoskyThe Good News of the Return of the King
12:0017:0018:00Danger CaseyClosing/Thank You’s